While some of the chocolates are made without wheat ingredients, all products may contain traces of gluten.

No. Many of our chocolates contain nuts, milk, or soy ingredients, and any of our products may contain traces of those and other common allergens, including eggs.

No animal fats are used in our chocolate, but they do contain dairy products such as milk, butter and cream.

Select Neuhaus chocolates have been certified Kosher Dairy by Rabbi E.M. Maarsen of the Chief Rabbinate of Holland and are listed on the State of New York Registry of Kosher Food. Kosher products can be found by filtering to Kosher in the Shop category of the website.

In 1912, Jean Neuhaus, Jr. created the first Belgian chocolate praline, a hard chocolate shell that is hand-filled with fresh cream or ganache. In 1915, his wife Louise Agostini designed the ballotin gift box to protect the pralines.

Since 1857, Neuhaus has been the premier creator of luxury Belgian chocolate. From the time when Jean Neuhaus, Jr. invented the Belgian chocolate praline in 1912, we have used the same original recipes, artisan techniques, and premium ingredients to create our gourmet chocolates. We select only the grand crus from the finest sources, such as cocoa beans from Peru and Java, and almonds from California and Portugal. We have remained true to our Belgian chocolate heritage, and today Neuhaus is one of the few Belgian chocolate brands still creating our chocolates in Belgium. When you buy our Belgian chocolates online, you are enjoying the same Belgian chocolate truffles, pralines, ganaches, and specialties found in our original boutique on the Galerie de la Reine in Brussels.

1. Our chocolate is 100% UTZ Certified to guarantee its sustainable quality. 2. 25% of our chocolate is produced using cocoa from our own plantation. 3. 100% of our ingredients are of natural origin, without any exception. 4. All our pralines are crafted with the utmost care in our ateliers near Brussels.

Alcohol is used as a preservative or ingredient in the Assorted Liquor Filled Chocolates, the Bonbon 13, and the following Truffles: Marc de Champagne, Cognac, and Tiramisu. We also offer many alcohol-free assortments, such as the Neuhaus Collection Discovery, Neuhaus Collection Dark, Neuhaus Collection Milk, and our traditional 1 lb., ½ lb., and ¼ lb. Ballotins. Please contact us with questions about any specific product not listed.

No, we do not use chemical additives in our chocolates. Some chocolates may contain alcohol, lemon, or fruit sugars, which are natural preservatives.

No, all the ingredients used in the manufacture of our chocolates are guaranteed by our suppliers to be non-GMO.

The “best by” dates on Neuhaus products are stamped in either the American format: MM/DD/YYYY or the European format: DD/MM/YYYY. Please note that Neuhaus chocolates are not made with preservatives and are best enjoyed as soon as possible.

When shipping to warm destinations, we may include ice packs or other special packaging to ensure that the chocolates arrive in excellent condition. The following shipping methods are recommended based on temperatures in the delivery destination. Ground shipping is not possible to areas with temperatures over 85°.

Chocolate keeps best between 65 and 70°F, away from direct sunlight, and protected from moisture. Refrigerating or freezing chocolate is not recommended.

Yes, you can send several gifts in one order. Please choose "Shipping to more than one address " option when entering shipping address in the checkout.

We ship to Alaska and Hawaii via FedEx Express services for an additional fee. Please see our shipping page for more details about shipping charges and how to order. At this time we do not deliver to Canada or Puerto Rico.

Please contact a Neuhaus boutique to order items not offered online.

On the packaging you can find a Best Before date. Best before dates are about quality, not safety. The food typically just begins to gradually lose its flavor and texture after that date.

Neuhaus does not use palm-oil in its chocolates.

No, we never include invoices with gifts. We take pride in providing a comfortable gifting experience for both the sender and the recipient.